Renewable Energy Movements to Keep an Eye on this Year

2019 Is truly a great year for clean technology since there’s a lot of interesting projects coming thru this year, each one of them proposing a solution to a problem that we’ve had for a while now. It’s time for us to pay attention to the fresh alternatives that renewable energy offers us.

Big Compromises

There’s an enormous interest worldwide, to finally put an end to the climate change and other issues that are mostly being caused by the increase in harmful greenhouse gas emissions, as well the use of fossil fuels in our modern times.

To this day, there are more than 100 cities that are using 70% renewable clean energy, as opposed to other places of the world that are still using fossil fuel as their only source of energy.

Energy Access in Poor Countries

post2 2 - Renewable Energy Movements to Keep an Eye on this Year
Believe it or not, there are still a number of countries that still doesn’t have any type of energy available. It’s estimated that over a billion people, still live without any source of electricity. Some others downright chose not to, due to the expensive energy resources available.

Luckily for all of us, behind renewable energy there has been a lot of political talk about providing energy to these countries in development that doesn’t have any type of energy within reach, as well giving access to more affordable ways to pay for these services.

Renewable energy is a incredible resource that is more relevant than ever in this current year, and with the year 2019 filled with multiple projects, there’s no doubt that we are getting closer to a future where we don’t have to use fossil fuels.