Energy Services Companies Throughout Canada and the US

A quick growing sector in gas and oil is the ESCO (Energy Service Company). service providers provide a diverse of energy solutions which includes oilfield rentals, mobile boilers, meter proving and engineering and construction contracts. An ESCO is a company that provides detailed energy solutions to its clients, which includes auditing, redesigning and developing changes to the ways the client consumes energy, the primary aim being considerably improved efficiency.

It is now definite that the new normal post COVID-19 is causing firms to evaluate their business models and readjust appropriately. One other variation of energy service was the technical part where high tech measurement tools alongside diagnostic equipment have grown to be commonplace in this swiftly progressing field.

energyservices 300x251 - Energy Services Companies Throughout Canada and the USEnergy services companies are fundamentally distinct from consulting technical engineers and equipment contractors: the former are ordinarily paid for their guidance, whilst the latter are paid for the tools. All through the 90s we witnessed a rise of independent energy service providers due largely to deregulation and the rising cost of oil and gas. Three years in to the Trump presidency we have witnessed a sizable extensive deregulation in the energy industry which obviously benefits energy service providers.

An enlightening study between the USA and Canada depicts the contrasting distinctions regarding a deregulating government like the U.S. is these days, and the Liberal leading government of Canada. In truth, as of this writing Total has said they’re going to be writing off over $6 billion in Alberta oil sands property and assets in Canada.

Each ESCO is different in their own technological field of expertises whilst others include the complete array of solutions this includes lighting, HVAC, piping, meter proving, sampling and analysis, instrumentation and others. The truth is we could go on for hours on end about the wide-ranging list of solutions energy services companies provide.

Another trend we see emerging is how, throughout COVID pandemic, we’ve been seeing an increased interest from ESCOs in energy marketing companies who have a specialized focus on marketing specifically for energy services companies.

ESCO 300x251 - Energy Services Companies Throughout Canada and the USOne of the most popular energy service is the one of energy management. Energy management consultants are increasingly more popular as energy prices lift. The central focus of energy consultants will be to save their clients cash by reducing energy prices and making existing processes more energy-efficient. The very first step any energy management firm will undertake is a complete and specific energy analysis with the purpose to confirm a starting base line. Developing a recorded starting position after a company runs its energy evaluation is essential. Regularly you will notice the energy consultancy firm operating jointly with administrators with each organization they’re contracted by. This permits for swift decisive decisions. The importance of the close working relationship among the energy consultants and the organizations senior leadership can’t be understated given throughout any energy review it’s imperative to have management conveniently available.

Energy providers companies encompass a wide array of different providers and products. Overall though we are on the cusp of a paradigm shift within this sector due largely in part to the pandemic that has gripped the world over the past 6 months.

For the purposes of this document we made the decision to ask Marlon Schoppe senior executive of operations of Bloom Consulting what his thoughts were on the industry moving forward after the virus.

“Good to speak to you today so thanks for letting me to comment. Truthfully we see problems a little different than most by grasping this moment to think about how this disease will affect our work conditions and adjusting what we can to keep our team protected while keeping productive.”

There are several different facets when it comes the variety of services delivered by these companies, but one commonality is they are all intrinsically linked with the constantly changing price of energy.

Sector guidelines and government and market regulations are the main backbone that all energy service firms must operate. Although it is true there is certainly a multitude of different service providers delivered under the energy service providers spectrum, one thing is certainly, cost and efficiency as their primary focus. This is especially the case with renewables as renewable energy leads to savings also.

These days it is not unusual to find ISP (Internet Service Providers) who are offering bundles with home phone, Internet and television, all through only one company. In the U.S. and Canada this alteration has already launched with major utility providers bundling their service and coupling them with discounted prices, in an effort to compel people and organizations to trust them for all their energy service needs. From a simply financial/business perspective this union of utility company and service company is genius.

You’re probably asking yourself that if this really is transpiring then wouldn’t that make independent energy services companies outdated? In conclusion you should note that energy services is a growing business that involves a wide selection of different project specific providers whether in the oilfields or on the rig.

The Advantages of Fossil Fuels for our Environment

The Advantages of Fossil Fuels for our Environment

Imagine that we are a visitor from the past and we’ve seen the marvelous things that the present has to offer us. While some of you might focus only on the technology, surprisingly there’s a lot of interesting changes in our environment that are for the better.

Our water is cleaner and our air is pure and easy to breath. These changes are purely based for the way we’ve using fossil fuel, as well how we refine the process to extract it and the advantages that has given us to finally be more productive, as well optimizing our water and air with the time being.

How fossil fuels changed our lifestyle

With the previous example, we realized that our modernization was possible thanks to the multiple benefits that fossil fuel has brought us. Not only has been a key element to our development and advances in multiple regions but as well it has been a lifesaver to our lifestyle.

Nowadays if you are thirsty, you just need to grab water by turning your faucet and drink it right away, but if you notice the process behind that water, and how every single element of does the purification was made with the help of fossil fuels.

Using the water that we found in our lakes or just natural water presents a harmful threat to any of us, since it contains an unstable level of heavy metals and other nasty and dangerous elements for our body, that’s why with the help of fossil fuel and how we turn ourselves to drink a safer option of water can actually be beneficial for our ecosystem.

Sanitation and fossil fuels

post3 2 - The Advantages of Fossil Fuels for our Environment
You don’t need to be a historian to understand that our sanitation and health has evolved drastically, and is all thanks to the multiple uses of fossil fuels. In recent studies we’ve analyzed the impact of the use in fossil fuels, and how is related to our improvement in sanitation and overall public health

Without a doubt, Fossil fuels have changed our lifestyle, and while it was presented back then as a harmful element to our environment. It is true that it has improved our water and air, and with new projects ahead is only a matter of time for us to finally purify our world.

Renewable Energy Movements to Keep an Eye on this Year

Renewable Energy Movements to Keep an Eye on this Year

2019 Is truly a great year for clean technology since there’s a lot of interesting projects coming thru this year, each one of them proposing a solution to a problem that we’ve had for a while now. It’s time for us to pay attention to the fresh alternatives that renewable energy offers us.

Big Compromises

There’s an enormous interest worldwide, to finally put an end to the climate change and other issues that are mostly being caused by the increase in harmful greenhouse gas emissions, as well the use of fossil fuels in our modern times.

To this day, there are more than 100 cities that are using 70% renewable clean energy, as opposed to other places of the world that are still using fossil fuel as their only source of energy.

Energy Access in Poor Countries

post2 2 - Renewable Energy Movements to Keep an Eye on this Year
Believe it or not, there are still a number of countries that still doesn’t have any type of energy available. It’s estimated that over a billion people, still live without any source of electricity. Some others downright chose not to, due to the expensive energy resources available.

Luckily for all of us, behind renewable energy there has been a lot of political talk about providing energy to these countries in development that doesn’t have any type of energy within reach, as well giving access to more affordable ways to pay for these services.

Renewable energy is a incredible resource that is more relevant than ever in this current year, and with the year 2019 filled with multiple projects, there’s no doubt that we are getting closer to a future where we don’t have to use fossil fuels.