4 Future Fossil Fuel Technologies Plan to Stop Pollution

4 Future Fossil Fuel Technologies Plan to Stop Pollution

Fossil-fuel-based power plants play an important role in global energy production and also some importance in carbon reduction as broadly renewable energy.

In recent years there have been many advances that have existed within the field of renewable and efficient energies, something that is simply indispensable in today’s world, where pollution rates are higher and the risk of damage is high.

And all these advances are made for a single common goal, which is to stop the degree of pollution emitted by carbon power plants or nuclear plants, things that are often very difficult to control and are harmful to the environment. Yet the efforts have not gone down in intensity and many scientists are looking for new ways to extract energy from the Earth ever cleaner.

Carbon Capture and Storage

Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) is one of the few technologies capable of reducing CO2 emissions by 90%, a very high percentage compared to the other technologies that are currently being used to prevent the emission of more pollution.

It is for the same reason that various governments in all countries have tried to further develop this type of revolutionary technology that will completely change the world.

Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle

Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle is another type of technology leader in the efforts of various countries. The only downside is that it is very expensive and it would be difficult to invest in the widespread use of the whole system, despite the costs, the benefits to the environment are undeniable. IGCC plants convert coal into a synthesis gas, which is cleaned before being sent to a cycle system to generate electricity.

Continuous Emission Monitor

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It is then that we understand that the key to reducing the emission of pollution is the fixed state standards and the fulfillment of the industry in the field of energies. Continuous Emission Monitoring systems are vital for transmitting reliable emissions data to industry operators and inspectors.

This system works by extracting and diluting samples of combustion gases before being channeled to an analysis system.

Selective Catalytic Reduction

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Millions of fossil fuel power plants worldwide have invested in selective catalytic reduction (SCR) systems to reduce NOx emissions in a large number, which generally contribute to global warming and acid rain, as well how to stop plant growth and damage crops around the world. This involves the injection of ammonia or urea into the current of gases to convert NOx into nitrogen.

SCR systems require a high level of precision to easily convert NOx into nitrogen, and that degree of precision has a relatively low cost compared to other today’s technologies, so it’s a good choice for preventing Earth damage.

Many governments around the world have joined the development of this system to minimize costs and generate more clean energy using technology. Perhaps this is the next salvation of humanity in many years, or maybe not, it all depends on the scientists and industries.

For the same reasons we must raise awareness around the world, we need clean energies that do not harm our homes, we need to be stronger and less dependent on harmful energies with high carbon emissions. Finally, the Earth is our home, and we should not harm it.

The Advantages of Fossil Fuels for our Environment

The Advantages of Fossil Fuels for our Environment

Imagine that we are a visitor from the past and we’ve seen the marvelous things that the present has to offer us. While some of you might focus only on the technology, surprisingly there’s a lot of interesting changes in our environment that are for the better.

Our water is cleaner and our air is pure and easy to breath. These changes are purely based for the way we’ve using fossil fuel, as well how we refine the process to extract it and the advantages that has given us to finally be more productive, as well optimizing our water and air with the time being.

How fossil fuels changed our lifestyle

With the previous example, we realized that our modernization was possible thanks to the multiple benefits that fossil fuel has brought us. Not only has been a key element to our development and advances in multiple regions but as well it has been a lifesaver to our lifestyle.

Nowadays if you are thirsty, you just need to grab water by turning your faucet and drink it right away, but if you notice the process behind that water, and how every single element of does the purification was made with the help of fossil fuels.

Using the water that we found in our lakes or just natural water presents a harmful threat to any of us, since it contains an unstable level of heavy metals and other nasty and dangerous elements for our body, that’s why with the help of fossil fuel and how we turn ourselves to drink a safer option of water can actually be beneficial for our ecosystem.

Sanitation and fossil fuels

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You don’t need to be a historian to understand that our sanitation and health has evolved drastically, and is all thanks to the multiple uses of fossil fuels. In recent studies we’ve analyzed the impact of the use in fossil fuels, and how is related to our improvement in sanitation and overall public health

Without a doubt, Fossil fuels have changed our lifestyle, and while it was presented back then as a harmful element to our environment. It is true that it has improved our water and air, and with new projects ahead is only a matter of time for us to finally purify our world.

Natural Gas, the Best And Safest Option In Fossil Fuels For Our Environment

Natural Gas, the Best And Safest Option In Fossil Fuels For Our Environment

Nowadays we are updated about the harm of fossil fuel to our ecosystem. That’s without mentioning that, while it is an indispensable way to get our energy, it isn’t renewable and someday sooner than later we are going to end up without our main source of energy or worst, we are going to make irreparable damage to our planet earth.

But we’ve know that while we still depend on fossil fuel, we have come to the conclusion that natural gas is one of the types of fossil fuel that doesn’t cause too much harm to our planet, and here are the reasons why.

Less CO2

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One of the most beneficial advantages of natural gas is how little CO2 emission has. When you take the time to compare it with other sources of fossil fuel energy you’ll realize that natural gas releases 50% less CO2 in comparison with coal, and about 20% or 25% less than oil.

Natural gas technology

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We are aware of the current changes in technology that are catching up with the treat that represents climate change, that’s why there’s a lot of development in our technology that is aimed for natural gas, in order to lower the consumption of CO2

As well, there are a vast majority of projects that are focused on the capture and as well the storage of the CO2 to reduce the damaging effects to our ecosystem

Public Health

Another thing that is worth mentioning about natural gas is that it can offer a lot of benefits for our environment, making a focus on our air. Natural gas can actually improve the quality of our oxygen and with that in mind. It can also increase public health as well.

Natural gas is known for being a type of fossil fuel that is commonly used in the majority of our countries, and even with the arrival of newer ways to extract energy. Natural gas is still a great and viable option if we are looking to have a cleaner environment and collect a good amount of energy.